5G-PPP Webinar: Europe accelerates towards 6G

5G-PPP Webinar: Europe accelerates towards 6G

On March 16th, AI@EDGE was presented in the context of the “Europe accelerates towards 6G” webinar organised by 5GPPP . The online event was specifically aimed to introduce the 9 recently started 5G-PPP Smart Connectivity beyond 5G projects, funded under the H2020-ICT-52-2020 call. These projects were selected for funding under the H2020-ICT-52-2020 and mostly started in the first days of 2021, thus are already developing exciting advances beyond 5G towards 6G.

The webinar was held in two parts, where all projects presented their vision of 6G in the first part as the motivation for their projects and the technical challenges they are addressing to move towards 6G in the second part.

Our AI@EDGE project was represented by Roberto Riggio, Project Technical Manager and Senior Researcher at RISE (Sweden).

Over 500 participants registered to the event and the on-line participation peaked at 310 participants.

The other 8 projects funded under the same call and that took part to the event were: 6G-BRAINSDAEMONDEDICAT6GHEXA-XMARSALREINDEER; RISE-6G and TERAFLOW.

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