The AI@EDGE H2020 Project

A Secure and Reusable Artificial Intelligence Platform for Edge Computing in Beyond 5G Networks

AI@EDGE will develop a connect-compute fabric – specifically leveraging the serverless paradigm – for creating and managing resilient, elastic, and secure end-to-end slices. Such slices will be capable of supporting a diverse range of AI-enabled applications. Privacy-preserving machine learning and trusted networking techniques will be used to ensure each stakeholder can use the platform without disclosing sensitive information.
The AI@EDGE project will focus on six main breakthroughs:

  1. AI/ML for closed loop automation;
  2. Privacy preserving, machine learning for multi-stakeholder environments;
  3. Distributed and decentralized connect-compute platform;
  4. Provisioning of AI-enabled applications;
  5. Hardware-accelerated serverless platform for AI/ML;
  6. Cross-layer, multi-connectivity and disaggregated radio access.

Finally, the AI@EDGE platform will be validated using four well-chosen use cases with specific requirements that cannot be satisfied by current 5G networks according to the 3GPP Rel15 and 3GPP R16 standards, in particular in terms of support for latency-sensitive and highly dynamic AI-enabled applications.


€ 8.001.247,50
36 Months
19 Partner organizations
4 Use Cases
8 EU Countries involved
19 Deliverables

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