Use Cases

AI@EDGE will be validated in four high-impact use cases. The validation methodology will reflect close-to-real scenarios, with conditions similar to production.

UC1: Virtual validation of vehicle cooperative perception

  • To show how the AI@EDGE edge resources orchestration features can be used to support an Industry 4.0 digital twinning use case;
  • To design, implement, and test the digital twinning of a mix of real and emulated vehicles;
  • To recreate the network-level data exchange required to build a cooperative perception between emulated vehicles and a human-driven vehicle. 

UC2: Secure and resilient orchestration of large (I)IoT networks

  • Deployment of AI for network security (intrusion detection) for device level and 5G-level segments;
  • Secure deployment of AI (adversarial machine learning).

UC3: Edge AI assisted monitoring of linear infrastructures using drones in BVLOS operation

  • Short term use of advanced edge capabilities combined with AI algorithms while drone scan is performed;
  • Combined use of powerful computing solutions (GPUs) at both drone embedded compute units, edge dedicated devices and cloud;
  • Dynamic scaling of on-demand drone video content distribution;
  • Fast slice creation to support exceptional incidents.

UC4: Smart content & data curation for in-flight entertainment services

  • Deliver curated content to airline passengers;
  • Develop an edge cloud infrastructure on-board aircraft;
  • Deploy 5G connectivity in the aircraft cabin for content delivery.