AI@EDGE Kick-Off

AI@EDGE Kick-Off

On the 3rd and 4th of February 2021, the new 5G Research and Innovation project AI@EDGE will have its online kick-off meeting with the participation of its 19 partners: around 60 participants will attend the two-days meeting.

AI@EDGE is among the 9 Projects retained from the 81 proposals submitted to the EC in response to the 5G-PPP ICT-52-2020 call: 5G-PPP Smart Connectivity beyond 5G. 

It started in January 2021 and will last for three years. 

The main project objectives can be summarized as follows:

  • AI@EDGE will bring distributed AI/ML methods into the edge computing environment to efficiently harness the available computing and communication capabilities 
  • AI@EDGE will combine a mix of cutting-edge cloud computing and 5G concepts with a reusable, secure, and privacy preserving AI/ML layer 
  • AI@EDGE will provide an effective network automation platform that can be used to develop and deploy AI-enabled cloud-native applications 
  • AI@EDGE promotes the vision of a new generation of AI-enabled applications obtained through the chaining of Artificial Intelligence Functions (AIFs) 
  • AI@EDGE will design and validate a novel network automation platform supporting all aspects of network and service management (including AIF orchestration).

During the meeting the discussion will be mainly focused on the role of each partner in the project and the work that needs to be performed under each Work Package. Moreover, the main goal is to establish a common vision for the Platform development, validation in the 4 use cases and lay out the project management framework.

The whole consortium truly hopes to meet in person for the next plenary meeting planned around June-July 2021.

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