The AI@EDGE Project update

Year 1

AI@EDGE addresses the challenges of harnessing the concept of “reusable, secure, and trustworthy AI for network automation”. In AI@EDGE European industries, academics and innovative SMEs commit to achieving an EU-wide impact on industry-relevant aspects of the AI-for-networks and networks-for-AI paradigms beyond 5G systems.
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D2.2 Preliminary assessment of system architecture, interfaces specifications, and techno-economic analysis

This deliverable details the intermediate AI@EDGE system architecture, describing its main components, interfaces and workflows. Together with D3.1 and D4.1, it provides a complete view of the key technical challenges and contributions of the AI@EDGE project and defines the scope of the software prototypes to be used in the trials. This deliverable also reports on the preliminary techno-economic analysis and impact assessment and extends the use case related KPIs, introduced in D2.1, to present a consolidated draft of AI@EDGE KPIs.

D3.1 Initial report of systems and methods for AI@EDGE platform automation

This is an initial report on the systems and methods developed for the automation of the AI@EDGE connect-compute platform. The achievements reported in this document are the progress towards a general-purpose network automation framework capable of supporting flexible and reusable pipelines for the end-to-end creation, utilisation, and adaptation of secure and privacy-preserving AI/ML models.
Initial descriptions of the internal design of the Network and Service Automation Platform (NSAP) have been provided, and an initial collection of methods and algorithms for automation and learning for network management purposes are described, with some preliminary results.

D4.1 Design and initial prototype of the AI@EDGE connect-compute platform

The report summarises the work carried out towards the design, prototype and early validation of a connect-compute platform supporting perceived zero-latency services using a mix of computing and connectivity resources.
The analysis and results provided within this report belong to the first phase of the AI@EDGE connect-compute platform roadmap, which includes initial elicitation of technical requirements and architecture design, together with a description of the computational environments provisioned for the development of the platform.

D5.1 Testing and Validation Methodology, Planning and Preparation

D5.1 focuses on the development of the activities that allow the demonstration of the four AI@EDGE Use cases. It introduces preliminary applications and a per-use case integrated platform, as well as preliminary trial test plans. Each Use case's connection with the ongoing AI@EDGE system-wide architecture design, as well as the mapping with the ongoing design of the Connect-Compute platform, is provided, and the required testbed implementation roadmap toward equipment and services development, integration, logistics and validation activities is presented.


The 1st project Advisory Board meeting has been held in December 2021. The Advisory Board members have shown their commitment and provided useful feedback to guide the project decisions during the following years. The AI@EDGE Project management team and the whole consortium are grateful for the AB member support and will carefully consider the feedback received.
A presentation on “AI@EDGE: Bringing AI to the Edge” has been offered within the Virtual ICT-52 Workshop on 6G, a workshop organised by the European 6G Flagship project Hexa-X together with other ICT-52 6G projects (4th of February 2022).
A dedicated presentation focused on 5G-PPP projects, including AI@EDGE, has been held on January 26th-27th @ UPTIME, two days of meetings and conferences to deepen and discuss the scenarios and opportunities of the 5G universe: the technology that revolutionizes the way we live, communicate, and do business.
For all information on the event and to have access to videos and presentations:
AI@EDGE project has been showcased @ MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2022 (Barcelona, Spain).
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